Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cristina Debernardi

Where are my Paintings?                                    (English Version)

By Roxana Rojas-Luzon


Her early artworks were her favorites. They were those in which she used oil without sparing in brush strokes, in the 60's. She doesn't have any pictures of these works. The rest are documented extensively. Here is an interview and a video in which Cristina tells us about that and the different stages of her long artistic career.

"In my house, as I painted a lot, there were so many canvases that my mother told me there was no place in my room, even though it was a large room. That's why we gave my paintings to a friend to storage them. After that, I traveled to Spain, and when I returned to Buenos Aires, after seven years, my friend was gone, "says Cristina. In the next video are missing images of those lost paintings, but to see her description of how she painted at that time definitely fills the senses.

She claims not to have a definite theme, although places, things, and everything that attracts her attention, such as theater, inspire her.

One of his seven series on his website is titled Theatrical. In the prologue, she writes, "I always had a fascination for stage art, especially for opera. A scenario is a magic box where amazing things happen. And that's what I wanted to tell through my images, especially those of the Venetian carnival, for which I feel a great attraction ".

In her youth, when she lived in Buenos Aires, she painted gigantic curtains to serve as background for plays in the best theaters in Argentina. These curtains were sometimes sold to other theaters or were transformed into something different to be re-used in other theaters.

When she came to reside in Maryland, 14 years ago, to reunite with her son and daughter, who already lived here, got a job with the stage design group at the Lyric Opera Theater in Baltimore. She also worked at The Gala Theater in Wahington DC. That is why her series based on this thematic is vast.

At one time she worked painting murals and decorating wooden furniture to make them look old, so many of her work pieces are housed in private residences in the areas of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. On this side of the world also, there was a time when Cristina would draw fairies, angels, and gnomes. In her current residence, she has an artwork called Elfos de Luz (Light Elves), a drawing on paper that she made with graphite and colored pencils, which she assures will never sell for anything in the world.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, she was part of the collective permanent exhibition in the Plaza del Pi. So many of the paintings that she sold at that time stayed on that other side of the world.

 Cristina is now an abuela (grandmother). She is retired but continues painting and exhibiting her works with us, the artists of the Latino Art League of Greater Washington DC. Thanks Cristina for sharing such an interesting story.

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